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Mysteries of the Deep 16 x 20

What Dreams May Come 24 x 18

Merge and Flow 30 x 40

Into the Deep 24 x 30

Ode to Joy 24 x 20

Evening Mist 24 x 30

Raidience of Hope 30 x 40

I am often asked to explain my work. What is it that inspires me, what is my process and why did I choose that color? Well, I often find it hard to articulate a response, because the realm in which I work is a world without words. Perhaps because painting is a visual expression and we are a verbal species, we sometime long for words to explain the wordless before us. Yet, isn't the art enough? In some ways, is that not the point? It is for the eyes, just as Bach is for the ears and a pinot noir is for the tongue. What I can tell you is that my work is rarely planned and is a spontaneous unfolding that evolves as I paint. I experiment and explore. I play with colors, lines, shapes, textures and tools. I let these all guide me and if me eyes like what I see, and my intuitive heart says "Yes" to its beauty and authenticity, then I know I'm where I want to be. It is pure joy, both the process of creation and the creation itself.

Desert Dream 20 x 24

Laurie DeVault