Painting Van Gogh 30 x 40

San Migel 30 x 30

Phil Levine

Picasso's Girl's 30 x 40

Standing Nude 24 x 30

Highland Light 

Reclining Nude 24 x 30

Vincent & Rembrandt 30 x 40


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The progress in my painting has always followed the course parallel to my personal growth. My paintings have so much more meaning to me than simply painting some scene in the world. I love to render these images because they give me the great gift of expressing my strong and passionate feelings about things. My painting process begins with selecting something to paint that touches me at some level for a reason I may not be aware of immediately. The first stages of the painting are disciplined and methodical. Eventually, in the course of a painting, I reach the point where I feel it's time to let go and let my instincts for color and my strong feeling dictate what comes off the end of the brush. I do this with excitement and joy. This is what I love about painting.