At the  Beach 12 x 18

  Beach Walk 6 x 12

The Meadow 16 x 16

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White Dingy 8 x 10

Lone Skiff 6 x 8

‚ÄčWood End Light 18 x 24

A Drift 32 x 48

Terry was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1944. He received a degree in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. In 1967 Terry moved to Cape Cod. He studied with Henry Hensche at the Cape Cod School of Art and later with Lois Griffel. Terry is an artist that likes to redefine boundaries, push convention and create works that resonate with the visual, the intellectual and the spiritual self. Inferring he most humane of tendencies into a visual universe, neither exuberant nor calculated, but at the point of synthesis. Terry creates beautiful works of impressionism that resonates with abstract and modernist influences.

At Rest 14 x 24

Terry Rockwood