Union Oyster House 24 x 36

Ptown 8 x 12

Santa Domingo 12 x 20

Vincent Crotty

Winter Nocturne 18 x 24

Summer Seas 14 x 24

Moonlight 7 x 10

Twilight 7 x 10

Capt Jack's Wharf 12 x 16

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Street Scene, Ireland 9 x 12

Blue Night 12 x 20

Vincent is an Irish born artist who has been living in  Boston since 1990. Regarded for his original landscapes, interiors and figurative paintings, Vincent works from inspiration and intuition. His paintings reveal a remarkable understanding of light - transforming everyday subject matter in to images that are memorable and moving. Painting from life as often as he can, Vincent's plein air approach creates a feeling of spontaneity and ease in his work . With style that is loose and fresh, cheerful and evocative, he expresses a highly individual vision in contemporary representational painting.

Vincent's work has been recognized with awards from the Massachusetts Cultral Council, the John Stobart Foundation in Boston and the plein air competitions internationally. He has exhibited his work in galleries in Ireland and throughout the US for three decades, and has presented workshops in Ireland, Nova Scotia, Colorado, Wyoming, New York and throughout New England. His paintings have been commissioned by the Boston College Burns Library, the Irish Cultural Center of New England, the Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural Centre in New York and other organizations and private collections

Sundown 12 x 20

Beach Houses 16 x 20